Zoomed in image of a roof on a residential home. Gray and cloudy skies behind home indicate a storm just hit or is about to hit.

Benefits of A Professional Roof Inspection After A Storm

Florida storms can be unforgiving. Heavy rain or hail, debris in the wind, falling objects, and flooding can all be causes for alarm. When a storm hits, your property could be faced with exterior damages that could lead to future complications to your roof.

If you want to feel confident your home will withstand severe weather conditions, scheduling a professional roof inspection after a storm can save you time and money down the road. Take it from the team at Noland’s Roofing who see it all the time: You don’t want to be hit with unexpected roof expenses. Be proactive and let the professionals help keep your roof in great shape.

  • Get Precise Roof Inspections

    A new roof is a huge investment, but after a storm, repairs are typically minor. A professional will carefully inspect your roof and take note of any damage. This will ensure your roof gets exactly the repairs it needs.

  • Easily File Insurance Claims

    One of the best benefits of hiring a professional is that it makes filing an insurance claim a piece of cake. After a roof inspection, you will receive a detailed report that includes an estimated cost of repair. Attach the damage report to your claim and send it off to your insurance company – it’s that simple.

  • Get Quick Emergency Roof Repairs

    After a storm hits, it’s crucial that repairs to your roof are made in a timely manner. Leaks in your roof left unattended can weaken the home structure, putting your family and home at risk. Hiring a roofing professional will guarantee all repairs are made as quickly and efficiently as possible.

  • Extend Your Roof’s Lifespan

    Taking preventive measures to maintain the quality of your roof after a storm can help make sure your roof doesn’t need to be replaced before its life expectancy is up. A well-maintained shingle roof can last up to 20 years in Florida. But, if those shingles are damaged or missing, your roof’s underlayment will be exposed causing damage that can lead to needing a full replacement.

Hire a top-rated roofing company like Noland’s Roofing for expert roof inspections and repairs. Our team of trusted professionals can provide you with a detailed and accurate analysis of your storm damage. Contact Noland’s today for an estimate.