Bright red tile roof on a residential home. Used for a blog post talking about the differences between having a lighter or darker colored roof

Darker Vs. Lighter Colored Roofs

If you’re putting a new roof on your home, you already have a lot to consider — from deciding when to make the investment, to finding a reliable roofing contractor near you, then choosing the type of roofing material. But, is the color of your roof something you should dedicate a lot of thought to as well?

What Is the Most Energy-Efficient Roof Color?

In theory, a roof that’s lighter in color would save more energy because it would reflect rather than absorb light, heat, and solar radiation. This would make your home easier to cool in the high Florida temperatures.

However, a well-maintained and well-installed roof, and a properly insulated home and attic will play a much bigger role in how energy-efficient and comfortable your home is. Noland’s Roofing works with roofing manufacturers whose colors meet or exceed ENERGY STAR® Steep Slope Requirements.

Light or Dark Roof: What To Consider

Whether you go with shingle, metal, or tile roofing materials, the main question you may be asking is whether a light or dark roof is right for you. The answer really depends on a few different factors, including your home’s style, your surrounding environment, and more.


When it comes to the overall design and style of your home’s exterior, your roof plays a significant role. If you’re going for a contrasted look for your home, select a dark roof for a light colored home or vice versa. For a monochromatic style, match your roof color to the siding, trim, and accents of your home.

Surrounding Environment

Prior to choosing your roof color, double check any HOA requirements and the overall aesthetics of your area. Take a drive around your neighborhood and make a note of the roof colors and roofing styles on surrounding homes.

Personal Preference

At the end of the day, the choice between a light or dark color roof is exactly that — a choice. You can pick the roofing material and color that fits your style and budget. And, since your roof is a big investment, it’s important to work with a roofing contractor who can ease decision making, answer any questions you may have, and help you find the perfect roofing color for you.

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