Drone shot of a brids eye view of a single family residential house with a gray shingle roof.

Dark Vs. Light Shingles: Which Roof Colors Are Best

From deciding when to make the investment, to finding a reliable roofing contractor near you, putting a new roof on your home comes with quite a few decisions to make — including what color shingles you want installed. The color of your roof is an important factor in the visual appeal and architectural style of your home. So, if you’re torn between a darker or lighter light color for your roof, the experts at Noland will help you determine which roof colors are best for your home.

What To Consider When Choosing Your Roof Color

  • Your Home’s Exterior
    When it comes to the overall design and style of your home’s exterior, your roof plays a significant role. So, it’s important to choose a roof color that will complement the brick, siding, or stucco of your property. Remember: The steeper the pitch of your roof, the more your roof color choice will be visible. Whether you’re going for a bold, contrasted look for your home or a modern, monochromatic style, it’s important to match your roof color to the siding, trim, and accents of your home. The table below can help you choose a roof color that best suits your home’s exterior.
House Color
Best Matching Shingle Color
Dark Brown, Black, Grey, Green
Light Gray
Grey, Black, Green, Blue, White
Brown, Black, Grey, Green, Blue
Grey, Brown, Green, Blue
Almost any color including Brown, Grey, Black, Green, Blue, White
  • Surrounding Environment
    Keep your home from looking out of place by considering your natural surroundings. Whether you’re on sprawling land, tucked away in the trees, in the suburbs, or on the waterfront, it’s important to consider the environment so that your home seamlessly fits in. Prior to choosing your roof color, double check any HOA requirements and the overall aesthetics of your area. Take a drive around your neighborhood and make a note of the roof colors so you don’t clash with your neighbors.

Timeless Roof Color Choices

Ultimately, the best choice for your roof color is the one that aligns with your personal preference, although we recommend leaning towards neutral-colored shingles. While a trendy color might initially make your property stand out, it may also pose challenges when it comes to reselling your property in the future. Shades like cream, tan, brown, gray, or black are safe and timeless choices that will remain stylish for an extended period.

Do Shingle Colors Affect Energy Efficiency?

In theory, a light colored roof would save more energy because it would reflect rather than absorb light, heat, and solar radiation. This would make your home easier to cool in the high Florida temperatures. But the real key to keeping heating and cooling bills low is proper insulation and ventilation. Adequate ventilation in your attic or ceiling facilitates the easy escape of hot air, preventing it from being trapped inside your home. Related read: Make your home more energy efficient during the colder months.

Additional Roof Color Factors To Consider

While shingles are the most common and affordable roofing material on the market, they also have a shorter lifespan compared to tile and metal. These other roofing materials come with even more color options to consider and could complement your home’s style better than asphalt shingles.

Choose Your Perfect Roof Shingle Color

Noland’s Roofing works with roofing manufacturers whose colors meet or exceed ENERGY STAR® Steep Slope Requirements. Looking to install or replace a roof on your Central Florida property? Contact our team today to get your project started and choose from a variety of roofing materials and colors.