Roof Leaks

My Roof Is Leaking: How To Handle A Roof Leak

Even if your roof gets regular roof maintenance and inspections, there’s still a chance that a leak could occur. One bad storm could leave a puddle on your roof causing water to make its way into your home. Learn how to identify common signs of a leaking roof and hear from the experts on how to handle it.

Common Causes and Signs of a Leaking Roof

The most obvious and common cause of a roofing leak is an aged roof. A standard shingle roof will have roughly a 20-year lifespan, and the older it gets the more wear and tear you’ll start to notice. An aging roof could have missing tiles or shingles, a damaged membrane, aged flashing, and or poor drainage which could cause your roof to leak.

Do you see any stains on the ceilings?

Look up, you might notice your property walls and ceiling tiles have stains. The discoloration is caused by water exposure and is a clear indicator of an unwanted leak.

Is there a strange scent in the air?

You might sniff an awful odor lurking in the halls of your home. That odor could be mold. If there is water entering the building, the moist environment provides the perfect home for mold to grow and spread.

Is there water on the floor?

By the time you end up with a puddle on your floor, you can expect to find a well-formed roof leak and a good amount of damage. Time to grab a bucket and get in touch with a professional.

What to Do When Your Roof Leaks

First things first, don’t panic. If you notice water dripping, stains forming on your walls, or detect a strange smell, the trusted roofers at Noland’s Roofing can provide you with some peace of mind. Use this guide to handling a roofing leak.
  • Locate All Leaks

    When there are noticeable signs of a leaking roof and water flowing in, make sure to take inventory of all damage. If there is a leak in the home, chances are that’s not the only one. Mark each visible leak in the building to inform contractors and insurance agents of entry points.
  • Clear the Area

    Leaks can cause damage to more than just your roof. As soon as leaks are spotted, the area should be cleared to protect your floors, furniture, belongings, and more.
  • Call Noland’s Roofing

    Once you’ve gotten things under control, it’s time to schedule a free estimate to get the leak fixed. Reach out to us at Noland’s Roofing for a full roof assessment and our best quote guaranteed.
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