Top view of a residential house roof that is being re-done. Overlay of cartoon bats in the left corner

Roof Horror Stories

Time for some Halloween movie trivia. Which of the following “creature features” actually made it to the box office?

  1. The Blob
  2. Tales From The Crypt
  3. The Frankenstein Roof
  4. The Roof Leak From Beyond

If you guessed 1&2, you’re right! And, while The Frankenstein Roof never actually got the green light from Hollywood producers, it actually is a real-life occurrence that we see from time to time. Similar to how Frankenstein was built from different body parts, a “Frankenstein roofing system” results from allowing a roofer to combine materials from different manufacturers when repairing or replacing your roof. And, while this may be a cheaper solution it’s not advisable because it could shorten your roof’s lifespan, give your roof an “unfinished” look, or worst of all, cause you to replace your entire roof system without a warranty.

You may have also recognized that “The Roof Leak From Beyond” was never a cinematic debut. However, an unattended roof leak with telltale signs of ceiling stains is a sinister problem that many homeowners overlook or put off, causing unnecessary damage and deterioration. If your roof is leaking, it may be due to damaged or missing shingles or poor drainage.

Don’t let the price of getting a new roof scare you into piecing your roof together with substandard materials and don’t ignore a roof leak! Invest in a quality roof that will keep your home protected for years to come. At Noland’s, you can be sure that we will always use top quality materials, such as Certainteed Master Shingles and ensure your experience is exceptional from the first contact to the final inspection. Contact us today!