Custom Pole Barns

From Basic Roof Structures To Fully Enclosed Barns

Have you been thinking about adding extra storage space to your home or business? Pole barns could be just the answer you are looking for. They are a great multi-use space solution for anything from hay storage to parking equipment – or your newest toys, such as a cabin cruiser, RV or classic sports car.

Customizable Storage Solutions

At Noland's Roofing we offer a variety of styles tailored to suit your specific needs, location, and personal preferences. We prioritize customizability, allowing you to create a multi-use space that can accommodate your requirements and exact specifications. Best of all, we can deliver your new structure within days not weeks.

Depending on your day-to-day use, you have the flexibility to build anything from a basic roof structure with supports to a fully enclosed barn. Pole barns also offer a wide array of entry and exit points, including custom garage doors and windows.

The possibilities are endless for designing mixed- or multi-use spaces. For example, your pole barn can feature an open end for convenient access to stored materials or vehicles, while also including a finished room with insulation and heating to protect your prized possessions from the elements. We even provide land clearing and concrete pad laying services, should you need them.

Image of Custom Pole Barns in Florida for Basic Roof Structures

Key Advantages

  • Customizable buildings down to the inch
  • Simple construction supported by anchored posts, enabling construction in nearly any location
  • The ability to create expansive, open spaces with roof spans of up to 80′ eliminating the need for center posts
  • Fast construction times – typically completed within 2-3 days

Built To Last

  • Built to last with durable pine purlins and steel trusses
  • Able to withstand hurricane wind gusts up to 170mph
  • Built with galvalume roofing, which utilizes a coated steel designed to last 60+ years

Building On A Budget

We have more financing options that fit your needs and budget than any other. When you speak with your estimator, be sure to ask!

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